Phoenix Scientific Paranormal Investigations searches for possible explanations for paranormal occurrences through the use of scientific methods to prove or disprove an event.

Everyone in our group has had their own experiences with the paranormal. This is what started our interest in helping others and trying to determine what is factual or unexplained.

We keep cases confidential if requested.  We never charge a fee for an investigation (although donations are accepted).
Our organization would be available to assist you if you're experiencing unknown activity. 

Newest Evidence will be highlighted in
RED for 90 days to assist you in finding the most current evidence.

When reviewing our EVP's (audio files) please understand that there are two types of EVP's, Class A and Class B.

Class A's are loud enough to be heard without any headphones.

Class B's are sounds that are low in volume and might need headphones to be heard.

Future Investigation

Future investigation will be at a battlefield in Northern Arizona.
Our team did a brief investigation and had a male voice answer one of our questions.

Team members talking at grave site asking the question, do you know what happened to you?. A distance male voice says "No".

The team is planning on visiting Bisbee Arizona to do a investigation at the Copper Queen Hotel and Oliver House. We will update the website once we've completed the review of the evidence.

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Rick obtained his PhD in Metaphysics.

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Phoenix Scientific Paranormal Investigations


Latest Investigation
Take a second look at this page, we've just added 11 new EVP's.

Our team investigating the Oliver House B&B in Bisbee, Arizona.
Visit our investigation page and see some of the preliminary evidence so far.

Evidence Posted

Grand Canyon Red Butte Airport

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