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Pennhurst Asylum

Eastern State

Phoenix Scientific Paranormal Investigations searches for possible explanations for paranormal occurrences through the use of scientific methods to prove or disprove an event.

Everyone in our group has had their own experiences with the paranormal. This is what started our interest in helping others and trying to determine what is explainable or unexplainable.


We keep cases confidential if requested.  We never charge a fee for an investigation.

Our organization would be available to assist you if you're experiencing unknown activity. 

Take a Listen Too our Two Class "A" EVP's under the

Northern Arizona Page. 

Red Garter

Bed & Breakfast

Two great examples of Class A recordings are on the Northern Arizona page under the Red Garter B&B. One of them is a female saying "Hi" to Ron and Brandon setting up the stairway to the second floor. The second is caught in the cafe as Lori asked the question "Did you hear a door" followed by Jeanne saying "um" the third voice recorded was a female yelling "The doors not stopping us" The forth and final voice recorded is Ron saying "No, but we have hallways cameras that may have caught something. 

Phx SPI has performed over 180 investigations since 2008

When reviewing our EVP's (audio files) please keep in mind that there are two types of EVP's, Class A and Class B.


Class A's are loud enough to be heard without any headphones.


Class B's are sounds that are low in volume and might need headphones to be heard.

Phx SPI Investigations 
Since 2008

Goodyear Graveyard Aug. 2008

Private: Dr's Office May 2009

Copper Canyon Theater July 2009

Private: Residence July 2009

Vulture Mine April 2, 2011

Vulture Mine April 30, 2011

Bird Cage Theatre July 2011

Private: Residence Sept. 2011

Private: Residence July 2009

Vulture Mine Jan. 2011

Private: Dr's Office July 2011

Bird Cage Theatre Nov. 2011

Red Garter B&B Dec. 2011

Dragoon Stagecoach Stop Mar. 2012

Fairbanks March 2012

Cochise Stronghold March 2012

Tombstone March 2012

Bird Cage Theatre April 2012

Octave & Stanton May 2012

Jerome Grand Hotel Jan. 2012

Gleeson March 2012

Good Enough Mine March 2012

Bisbee March 2012

Flagstaff March 2012

Twin Buttes Cemetary April 2012

Weaver May 2012

Courtland March 2012

Pearce March 2012

Tombstone Cemetary March 2012

Private: School March 2012

Twin Buttes Cemetary April 2012

Congress May 2012

Private: School May 2012

Glendale Historic Cemetary June 2012

Williams Cemetary July 2012

Williams July 2012

Williams Cemetary July 2012

Williams July 2012

Gila Pueblo, Globe July 2012

Private: Globe Residence July 2012

Globe & Miami July 2012

Bullion Plaza, Globe Sept. 2012

Big Nose Kates, Globe Sept. 2012

Soda Pops, Miami Sept. 2012

Private Residence Sept. 2012

JC Penny's, Globe October 2012

Bullion Plaza, Miami November 2012

Globe Jail February 2013

Journigans Restaurant, Payson Mar 2013

Private Residence October 2012

Private High School December 2012

Agua Caliente, Gila Bend Feb. 2013

Bird Cage Theatre Apr. 2013

Williams Apache Maid July 2012

Williams Crash Site July 2012

Globe Courthouse July 2012

Steele Indian School Park Aug 2012

Globe Jail Sept. 2012

Private Residence Sept. 2012

Noftsger Hill B&B, Globe Oct. 2012

Jerome Grand Hotel January 2013

Gila Bend Cemetary Feb. 2013

Charleston, Tombstone April 2013

Schieffelin Hall, Tombstone Apr. 2013

Globe Cemetary 2013

Private Residence May 2013

Grand Canyon Caverns Aug. 2013

Kingman Aug. 2013

Kingman Aug. 2013

Peach Springs Aug. 2013

La Casita, Globe September 2013

Valentine August 2013

Globe Jail September 2013

Private Residence September 2013

Grand Canyon Caverns Oct. 2013

Tovera Castle, Phoenix Oct. 2013

Private: Residence Nov. 2013

La Casitia Restaurant, June 2013

Hackberry Aug. 2013

Oatman August 2013

Globe August 2013

Noftsger B&B September 2013

Capital Building October 2013

 Private: Residence Dec. 2013

Humbolt Cemetary Dec. 2013

Dugas January 2014

Casa Grande Ruins January 2014

Two Guns, Flagstaff Jan. 2014

Gila River War Relocation Center Mar. 2014

Fairbanks April 2014

Battle Field July 2014

Gadsden Hotel July 2014

Pertleville Cemetary July 2014

Red Garter B&B, Williams Jan. 2014

Oldaker January 2014 

Sasco, Pinal March 2014

Larian Hotel, Tombstone April 2014

Battle of Dry Wash July 2014

Pertleville Cemetary, Douglas July 2014

Private: Dr's Office July 2014

Florence August 2014

Scorpion Guch August 2014

Fort Verde January 2014

Private: Residence Jan. 2014

Betty Blues, Tucson February 2014

Private Residence March 2014

Old School House Mayu 2014

Douglas July 2014

Sacred Heart Cemetary July 2014

Adamsville, Pinal Aug. 2014

Private: School August 2014

Mystery Castle November 2014

Castle Dome January 2015

Kentucky Camp February 2015

Private: Residence March 2015

Helvetia Cemetary March 2015

Scorion Clutch April 2015

Shakespear Ghost Town May 2015

Stein Ghost Town May 2015

The Oliver House, Bisbee Aug. 2015

Old Griffith, Los Angles Oct. 2015

Private: Residence September 2015

Private: Residence, Prescott Oct. 2015

Private: Residence January 2016

Patagonia Ghost Town Feb. 2016

Yuma Prison January 2015

Hotel Vandome March 2015

Private: Residence April 2015

Red Butte Airfield July 2015

Globe Jail September 2015

Noftsger B&B, Globe Oct. 2015

Allenville, Buckeye July 2016

Private: Residence July 2016

Swansea, Parker Oct. 2016

Private: Residence Oct. 2016

Magma Club, Superior Jan 2017

Private: Public Building Mar. 2017

Private: Residence April 2017

Goldfield, Nevada June 2017

Rhyalite, Nevada June 2017

Mizpah, Nevada June 2017

Virginia City, Nevada June 2017

Superior Rec. Center June 2017

Private: School August 2017

Belmont Building February 2018

Ruby May 2018

Superior Building February 2017

Fort Apache August 2018

Castle Dome Oct. 2016

Private: Public Building Mar. 2017

Private: Residence May 2017

Clown Motel, Tonopah June 2017

Private: Residence June 2017

Private: Residence November 2017

Bird Cage Theatre April 2018

Private: Residence August 2018

Goldpoint, Nevada September 2018

Rhyolite, Nevada September 2018

Phelps Dodge Hospital Oct. 2018

Private: Residence Tombstone Jan. 2019

Perkinsville February 2019

Private: Residence Maricopa Mar. 2019

Private: School June 2019

Williams Cemetary July 2019

Camp Naco, Bisbee Jan. 2020

Fairbanks, Bisbee January 2020

Cave Creek Stagecoach May 2020

Private: School May 2021

Magma Club, Superior Sep. 2020

Clifton Arizona February 2022

Belle Meade Plantation June 2022

Brushy Mountain Prison June 2022

Orpheum Theater October 2018

Belmont, Superior Jan. 2019

Canyon Diablo April 2019

Private: Public Bulding Jan. 2020

Queen Mary, California Feb, 2020

Private: Residence October 2020

New Orleans May 2022


Belle Meade Plantation
Nashville, Tennesse
June 2022


Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary,
Petros, Tennesse
June 2022

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