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McTeir House

April 8, 2016

To:       PHX Scientific Paranormal Investigations

From:   Sheri McTeir

Subject:  Unknown phenomenon occurrence

I wanted to write to thank Lori, Ron, Jeanne, Jeanne, David and Rick for the information they provided.


After nine years of wondering “what” my daughters and I were sensing in our home, we finally have some answers. Answers we are totally satisfied with and reasoning beyond a doubt.

I know many people do not believe in paranormal activities but now, rather than feeling uncomfortable in our own home, due to things we have seen, we feel at ease. It made perfect sense that what we have been sensing for nine years is only a person we dearly loved.


I would recommend contacting PHX Scientific Paranormal Investigations if a person has any doubts about activities in their home, or surroundings, that cannot be accounted for. I would also recommend approaching the whole issue with a very open mind.

McDonald House

To: Phoenix Scientific Paranormal Investigators:

    I would like to thank all of you for doing such a professional and thorough investigation. We had a been plagued by noises, shadows, whispering, objects moving on their own, and being touched while in bed at night.

    In my bedroom I always heard whispering, dark shadows and most of all something would grab my leg and the blankets at night. So when my wife saw an article in the local paper about the Phoenix Scientific Paranormal group she asked me to call them. We set up a time for them to come out and do their investigation. They were very well equipped with the proper equipment, they set up about seven cameras and laser equipment. There were six people who came out to investigate. They were very friendly and professional.

    It took three hours to complete their investigation, and after they were finished we set up an appointment to review the findings. To be honest I really didn't believe they would find anything. To my surprise they came up with some real interesting evidence, in my room where I was being bothered nightly they had a video showing a beach ball on my bed exactly where i would be experiencing problems. An entity came out of the closet and moved the ball and then went back into the closet.
     After they showed us all of the evidence they asked us what we wished to do about the entities, they had confirmed that we two. We said we wanted them gone, so they set up a time to come out and cleanse the house.

      When they came to the house they brought a person who was a sensitive that could feel what was going on in the house. They used stick of sage, and prayers to expel entities, well it really worked, we could feel the calm in the house for the first time in years, and so far they have stayed away.

     I would highly recommend this group they were friendly, well informed and professional.

Dan McDonald MA
April 3, 2013

Red Garter B&B

Hi, Its nice to hear from you again and I hope this email finds and the Phx SPI in good health and spirits. Its has always been a pleasure to talk with you on your various visits her at the Red Garter as we grasp to understand those strange little things that seem to tell us that there is more going on in the old rooms than is apparent at first glance. I have been impressed with the professional attitude your group takes as it sets up the vast amount of equipment it takes to coax long lost secrets, emotion and personalities out of the walls of this ladies of the night institution. Your cache of recordings from around the state is a good resource and makes for a great paranormal site. Keep me posted with the groups progress and stop in when you get back up in the Williams area.

John Holst.
March 18, 2013

Anonymous High School In Arizona

I am a teacher in an Arizona School District and I am the school's Paranormal Club Sponsor.

When my students asked me to be the sponsor I had a meeting to find out what they had accomplished as an investigation group.  They told me the teachers created a haunted house event for the students to explore.  I didn’t want to insult the kids so I contacted the PHX SPI Phoenix Scientific Paranormal Investigations group to come in and give a talk and demonstration of the equipment they use.

The group was very professional and demonstrated how to use the various pieces of equipment and computer programs they had.  We talked about what the club here has done and what type of activity we had at our school.  They agreed to come back at a later date and do an investigation of our school with our club.

On the day of the investigation, the PHX SPI arrived early and quickly set up cameras and divided everyone into groups and went off to various locations.  The members of PHX SPI were very helpful and courteous to my students and patient reminding the students how to use the various techniques and devices.  I was pleased that none of my students damaged any of the equipment.

Shortly after the conclusion of our investigation, David contacted me again to set up a time to reveal what they discovered from the evidence.  We met at our convenience and we began by showing what our students found before looking at and listening to what they discovered.  We were presented with a packet that included our name engraved on a disk and an official document declaring our site as an official haunted location.

We were very pleased with our experience with the members of the Phoenix Scientific Paranormal Investigations group.  They went over and above what we expected from our experience.  The students have been talking and sharing what they learned and the experiences they had all year long.  If you hear bumps in the night and you feel that your location might be haunted or you just want to find out for a piece of mind you will be very satisfied with the level of professionalism from the PHX SPI.


Erik Hertwig
May 8, 2013

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