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This page is for those pieces of evidence that we can't explain, so What Do You Think?

Unknown Light Anomaly

Unknown light anomaly that was caught by our camera without any outside light source at a school in Arizona.

No members witnessed the event with the naked eye. Noting that the time didn't change in the photo.

Unknown Light Anomaly

Dark Shadow in the Bird Cage Theatre

This video was taken at an aircraft crash site in Arizona with an unknown light anomaly floating toward the camera.

This wasn't witnessed by any of our team members.

Unexplainable Black Shadow In The Poker Room at the Bird Cage.

The above pictures appear to have a black mass that wasn't visible to the team member taking the photos.

Vulture Mine
Wickenburg, Arizona

Our team caught these two photos with that appear to be producing their own light, unlike most other photos that have orbs in them that are created by dust and bugs reflecting off of the flash.

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